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Jono Edwards

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Jono Edwards

Jono Edwards is a creative professional with an impressive set of skills in graphic design, UX/UI development, photography, product packaging and video production. Leveraging a business background in biotech startups, Mr. Edwards has gained valuable experience marketing medical robotics as well as gaining FDA drug approval for a phase I clinical trial. With degrees from UC Santa Barbara and Boston University, he has held key roles in a range of industries, from retail and beverage to biotech and defense.

Mr. Edwards joined the Geocann team from its inception and has been integral in managing the brand development for the corporate identity as well as branded ingredients like HempChoice® and BioTHC®. His 7 years of experience as Director of Business Development for KARD Scientific have been pivotal in establishing Geocann's position as a global leader in the biotech category of the cannabis industry. Other organizations he has led creative projects for include Angel Armor, AndPlus, Hopster's Brewing Company and CureSearch, among others.