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Jesse Lopez

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Jesse Lopez

Jesse Lopez is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Geocann and SourceOne Global Partners. Mr. Lopez has over 40 years in both the human and animal nutrition and health markets. He began his career at Ralston Purina before moving to Potash Corporation (PCS), and then to Cognis Nutrition and Health (now owned by BASF). He has held various leadership positions and directed business growth through strategic mergers, acquisitions and both domestic and international business development.

Mr. Lopez founded SourceOne Global Partners in 2003, and has guided the company’s development from a startup to a global leadership position as a provider of health and wellness solutions, created through scientific research and innovative product development. The SourceOne focus is on clinically proven formulations, combined with technologically-advanced and patented delivery systems with applications in nutritional supplements, functional food and beverage, medical food, animal nutrition and personal care markets.

Mr. Lopez initially became involved in the cannabis industry when asked to serve as an advisor to PharmaCann in June of 2015. Later that year, he developed a patent-protected line of hemp-derived ingredients and product applications. In 2018, Mr. Lopez launched Geocann, a new company specifically focused on serving the emerging, cannabis industry, while forming several exclusive joint ventures that leverage a robust intellectual property portfolio. The JVs include partnerships in cultivation, patented extraction technology and processing, and global distribution. As the consumer demand for cannabinoid and terpene ingredients continues to grow, Geocann is pioneering the introduction of advanced delivery system technologies, like VESIsorb®, that provide its customers with the widest range of cannabis product that deliver optimum bioavailability.

Mr. Lopez has built an industry-wide reputation for creating consistent business success through intelligent planning, creative marketing, strategic development and global partner alliances. He’s also known for attracting talented people, which he has developed into highly effective and successful leaders in the natural products industry.

Mr. Lopez earned his undergraduate degree from Southeast Missouri State University and is the 1995 recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award.