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"Our success is your success."

Geocann is committed to delivering peerless value to our partners through scientific research, cutting-edge innovation, and an unrivaled dedication to the advancement of patented and clinically proven cannabis formulations.

We believe in the power of strong partnerships for building a successful brand. Growing the consumer awareness of superior products requires effective alliances and shared commitments between Geocann and our brand partners. After a comprehensive evaluation process, we partner with leading lifestyle brands with penetration in key channels of distribution. These brands are corporately compatible with Geocann and have a devotion for advanced cannabis products that deliver superior quality, bioavailability and therapeutic benefits to health conscious consumers. Together, we are relentless in our our efforts to educate consumers, retailers and health care professionals.

Atrium Innovations, a Nestlé Health Science company, has expanded its product portfolio with patent-protected cannabinoid formulations utilizing innovative drug delivery system with measured bioavailability and proven stability data. Atrium is marketing these products under leading healthcare professional brands Pure Encapsulations®, Douglas Laboratories® and Genestra Brands®.

We are delighted with the overwhelming positive response to these new product launches and the entry into the rapidly developing hemp marketplace,” said Dr. Andrew Halpner, Atrium’s Vice President of Science and Technical Services. “After a thorough due diligence process to offer the best hemp products to our loyal customer base, we are extremely proud to expand our portfolio with another VESIsorb® formulation that provides unmatched supporting science, superior therapeutic performance and proven stability data that our healthcare professionals expect.”

Leading brands under the Atrium Innovations umbrella have been offering VESIsorb® formulated products for more than a decade, including coenzyme Q10, QH ubiquinol, resveratrol, and vitamin D3. These products are currently available in the U.S. and Europe.

Cresco Labs has launched a fast-acting gummy powered by the VESIsorb delivery system to optimize bioavailability and absorption. The gummy is available under their Good News brand. Cresco Labs is one of the largest publicly traded, vertically integrated multistate operators in the cannabis industry. The company is the industry leader in branded cannabis products with a portfolio of America’s most popular brands.

"Turning up at a moment's notice has never been easier, feel the fast-acting gummies, and enjoy the party (no matter the reason you're throwing down)."

Geocann and Theralogix are proud to announce the successful launch of a cannabidiol (CBD) and beta-caryophyllene (BCP) softgel formulation utilizing the clinically proven VESIsorb® delivery system for dramatically improved absorption, bioavailability, and stability. The formulation is marketed under the name TheraHemp and delivers 20 mg of CBD from HempChoice® broad spectrum hemp extract in addition to 8 mg of BCP in each softgel. This is the first CBD product utilizing a drug delivery system technology that has surpassed NSF’s rigorous safety testing protocol.

TheraHemp has set a new industry benchmark for CBD and BCP product safety with the prestigious NSF International certification. The strict standards and rigorous quality that are represented with NSF certification offer significant product differentiation for the hemp marketplace as millions of consumers are actively seeking natural cannabinoid and terpene solutions that have been validated for product safety and performance.

Sunderstorm, creators of California-based edible brand Kanha, hold their place as the number one edible gummy brand, selling a record 187,135 units in retail sales in October 2019, according to BDS Analytics. Kanha added two new products to their portfolio this year, with Kanha Nano and Kanha Nano Vegan, which contributed to the rapid growth of the company. Kanha Nano took the cannabis market by storm, utilizing the patented VESIsorb® delivery system technology to introduce the industry's first fast-acting edible. Consumers report feeling the effects of this game-changing gummy in around 15 minutes -- the cannabinoid particles used to contribute to this rapid-onset are smaller than a wavelength of light, which increases bioavailability and absorption. In August, Kanha introduced the industry's first fast-acting vegan edible powered by VESIsorb® in Blood Orange Bliss, Blueberry Blast, and Luscious Lemon, further diversifying their offerings. Most recently, Sunderstorm has expanded their portfolio of VESIsorb formulations through a partnership with Buddies for the industry's first fast-acting Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Gummies.

Mary Jane’s Medicinals Super Strength Nano Salve is powered by the clinically proven VESIsorb® delivery system. This product combines whole plant phytocannabinoids with 500mg of THC and 500 mg of CBD. The utilization of VESIsorb® dramatically improves the dermal penetration, permeation, and time of onset of these key ingredients. This formulation is designed to provide fast-acting and deep penetrating therapeutics benefits for minor aches and pains of the muscles and joints (such as arthritis, soreness, and sprains). The base of this salve is a luxurious blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba and other precious plant oils that have many beautifying and healing benefits for your skin. The addition of arnica and an aromatic blend of essential oils were carefully selected to further boost the healing properties. This product is consistently one of the top sellers in the well-established Colorado cannabis market.

Health in Harmony is a purpose-driven brand that is evolving how natural products perform. With a focus on innovation, Health in Harmony has partnered with Geocann to launch a select portfolio of 15 science-backed formulations that include condition-specific nutraceuticals, topicals, and wellness beverages for health conscious consumers around the world.

From the founding family of Douglas Laboratories, TruGen3's TruEase is currently being introduced to thousands of healthcare professionals in North America. This product is loaded with 25mg of Cannabidiol, specifically formulated with the VESIsorb® colloidal delivery system and designed to provide optimal absorption of the fat-soluble constituents found in phytocannabinoid-rich oil.


Lord Jones by CRONOS has launched the first of what is expected to be a range of products which will utilize the advanced VESIsorb delivery system for better bioavailability and faster absorption.

“We are committed to bringing breakthrough innovations to the market, providing consumers with differentiated and high-quality products,” said Mike Gorenstein, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cronos. “Working with Geocann’s technology enables us to expand our product offering to bring consumers a fast-acting cannabinoid product with a quicker onset than previously available, along with improved efficacy, helping enhance and differentiate effect and experience.”

The first VESIsorb formulated product the companies have launched together are the CBD Gel Capsules by LordJones. The companies look forward to collaborating in the future on innovative products and formulations.

Onnit is one of the most recognized health and wellness lifestyle brands in the world with distribution across multiple retail and e-commerce channels. Onnit and Geocann share an unrivaled commitment to the turning the best ingredients into optimized products for health conscious consumers. In April 2020, the company launched Total Hemp powered by VESIsorb® as its first CBD product.

Spritzig is the world's most science-backed CBD beverage. Loaded with 10mg of CBD from broad spectrum hemp extract, this ready to drink ("RTD") product is powered by the VESIsorb® delivery system for optimal absorption and bioavailability for fast-acting wellness benefits.

Persona is the leader in personalized nutrition as they combine therapeutic levels of nutritional support and a uniquely personalized vitamin program to deliver customized nutrition to the health conscious consumers. Recently purchased by Nestlé Health Science, Persona's platform for CBD products is bolstered by Geocann's 25mg CBD soft gel powered by VESIsorb.

Our CBD offers pure hemp oil extract specially formulated with the VESIsorb® colloidal delivery system to provide enhanced absorption of its fat-soluble constituents.

Persona's science-based proprietary technology takes into account specific factors in a consumer's lifestyle, history and individual needs to develop a customized nutritional assessment. Persona's algorithm is based on thousands of research studies and the expertise of the company's Medical Advisory Board. The individualized assessments meet consumers' desires to find the right nutritional supplements for their unique needs, and eventually will further support the healthcare professionals in Atrium Professional Brands' (longstanding relationship with Geocann) network with their recommendations to their patients and consumers.

Verséa has launched the first of what is expected to be a range of CBD products which will utilize the advanced VESIsorb delivery system for better bioavailability and faster absorption. VESIsorb formulations have set the industry benchmark in peer-reviewed published studies, delivering superior pharmacokinetic performance, including fast absorption, higher plasma concentration, and greater area under the curve.

The first VESIsorb formulated product that Versea has launched is a CBD oral spray available in 600mg, 900mg, 1200mg, and 1500mg sublingual applications. The companies look forward to collaborating in the future on innovative products and formulations.

UpSide Edibles offers a delicious array of organic fruits and toffee hand-dipped in Belgian chocolate. Formulated with CBD or THC, their signature fruit bites come in blood orange, strawberry and cherry. These preservative-free edibles are available at 75+ dispensaries throughout California.

"When VESIsorb® is applied to UpSide Edibles' portfolio of cannabis-infused natural fruits and chocolates, it makes it much easier for the body to absorb the key phytocannabinoids. Our customers have raved about the VESIsorb® product line, stating a quicker onset and an increased quality of overall psychoactivity. This technology has set a new benchmark for the cannabis industry." Gay Gelman, Co-Founder

With a variety of doses, there is an UpSide Edibles product for everyone, from those seeking daily maintenance to those consuming for therapeutic treatment.