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"Our success is your success."

Geocann is committed to delivering peerless value to our partners through scientific research, cutting-edge innovation, and an unrivaled dedication to the advancement of patented and clinically proven cannabis formulations.

We believe in the power of strong partnerships for building a successful brand. Growing the consumer awareness of superior products requires effective alliances and shared commitments between Geocann and our brand partners. After a comprehensive evaluation process, we partner with leading lifestyle brands with penetration in key channels of distribution. These brands are corporately compatible with Geocann and have a devotion for advanced cannabis products that deliver superior quality, bioavailability and therapeutic benefits to health conscious consumers. Together, we are relentless in our our efforts to educate consumers, retailers and health care professionals.

Atrium Innovations, a Nestlé HealthScience company, has expanded its product portfolio with patent-protected cannabinoid formulations utilizing innovative drug delivery system with measured bioavailability and proven stability data. Atrium is marketing these products under leading healthcare professional brands Pure Encapsulations®, Douglas Laboratories® and Genestra Brands®.

We are delighted with the overwhelming positive response to these new product launches and the entry into the rapidly developing hemp marketplace,” said Dr. Andrew Halpner, Atrium’s Vice President of Science and Technical Services. “After a thorough due diligence process to offer the best hemp products to our loyal customer base, we are extremely proud to expand our portfolio with another VESIsorb® formulation that provides unmatched supporting science, superior therapeutic performance and proven stability data that our healthcare professionals expect.”

Leading brands under the Atrium Innovations umbrella have been offering VESIsorb® formulated products for more than a decade, including coenzyme Q10, QH ubiquinol, resveratrol, and vitamin D3.

From the founding family of Douglas Laboratories, TruGen3's TruEase is currently being introduced to thousands of healthcare professionals in North America. This product is loaded with 25mg of Cannabidiol, specifically formulated with the VESIsorb® colloidal delivery system and designed to provide optimal absorption of the fat-soluble constituents found in phytocannabinoid-rich oil.


BioVail Naturals has launched a portfolio of VESIsorb® formulated beverages designed by a prestigious group of doctors for the everyday consumer. Available in fruit punch and lemonade, these 10mg CBD beverages provide favorable palatability with optimized absorption, bioavailability and stability.

With the vision to create the most delicious health and wellness beverage on the market, the therapeutic benefits of this product are unmatched with quick and predictable onset complemented by the iconic tastes that consumers crave.

Manufactured by a multidisciplinary team, these products (and more beverage formulations) are available to retailers and direct-to-consumer as well as through private label opportunities with strategic brand partnerships.

  • Patent-Protected Formula
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil (Non-Detectable THC)
  • Non-GMO / Dairy Free / Gluten Free

Collaboration: Geocann, PAPx, The Johnnie Ryan Beverage Company, The Iron Heart Canning Co.

UpSide Edibles offers a delicious array of organic fruits and toffee hand-dipped in Belgian chocolate. Formulated with CBD or THC, their signature fruit bites come in blood orange, strawberry and cherry. These preservative-free edibles are available at 75+ dispensaries throughout California.

"When VESIsorb® is applied to UpSide Edibles' portfolio of cannabis-infused natural fruits and chocolates, it makes it much easier for the body to absorb the key phytocannabinoids. Our customers have raved about the VESIsorb® product line, stating a quicker onset and an increased quality of overall psychoactivity. This technology has set a new benchmark for the cannabis industry." Gay Gelman, Co-Founder

With a variety of doses, there is an UpSide Edibles product for everyone, from those seeking daily maintenance to those consuming for therapeutic treatment.

With a mission to "bring quality life to everyday people," RE-COVER CBD delivers a 25mg CBD soft gel formulated with VESIsorb® technology for dramatically improved absorption and bioavailability. The use of this innovative technology allows for the transformation of a dark and dense semi-solid hemp oil extract into a water-soluble “body ready” liquid.

Loaded with 25mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) from phytocannabinoid-rich 60% hemp oil, these soft gels are designed for ease of daily consumption with unmatched advantages in efficacy, functionality, and elegance.

Believers in the natural healing power of CBD, Sagely Naturals concept of developing an approachable solution that helps people who want the medical benefits of industrial hemp has positioned the company as a leader in both topical and oral applications. Based in Santa Monica, California, Sagely’s mission is to get people back to doing what they love most. Their products are available in retail stores throughout the United States as well as their website.


Geocann produced a custom formulation for NewMarket Health with CBD powered by VESIsorb® in combination with L-Theanine and boswellia serrata extract. This is an industry-first formulation that targets a specific condition for mass market appeal. The product is under NewMarket's HealthSense brand and is manufactured in cGMP compliance and meets all state and federal regulations in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Health Sense Nutritionals is recognized for providing the highest quality, non-GMO natural health supplements based on proven, unbiased research to help you live a better life.

Founded by Former Utah Congressman, Chris Cannon, Endo-C conducts scientific studies using standardized, bioavailable products and potential treatments to study their effects on well-being. The company's studies have centered on CBD's effect on pain relief, sleep, anxiety and opioid addiction. By the end of 2018, Endo-C expects to launch close to a dozen studies in three to five states.


Tishcon operates manufacturing facilities in New York and Maryland. Their plant in Westbury, New York, where the company was founded, is state-of-the-art, maintaining a production output capability of up to one billion soft gels per year. This innovative facility is equipped with up-to-date climate control and purification technology, ensuring purity and contaminant-free quality for all our products. Tishcon's cutting-edge facility in Salisbury, Maryland, has capabilities that are just as extensive. These capabilities include 40 tableting machines that produce between up to three billion tablets per year in an extremely clean, safe, and climate-controlled atmosphere.

Green Mountain Animal is a producer of high quality animal nutrition products. Through a partnership with Geocann, they offer a range of safe and effective cannabinoid products for pets, livestock, poultry, and specialty species in a number of applications from soft chews and powders to extruded sticks and gels.  

Green Mountain’s research and development team are always working on new and exciting solutions for animal health based on current trends and projections for the industry. Their formulation team has decades of experience working with clients to match the right science-based solution to their needs.  With each innovative formulation, Geocann and Green Mountain conduct trials on pilot scale batches to deliver the best product in terms of stability, safety, shelf life and palatability.


Orchid Essentials is the first company to deliver a precise and consistent solid dosage form of Cannabidiol formulated in a patented drug delivery system with measured and proven stability data to dispensaries throughout California. Orchid products are currently available in dispensaries throughout California, including MedMen, with strategic expansion planned throughout the US.

“Establishing a presence in a new market is not an easy task, but Orchid Essentials has had great success developing a loyal consumer following by delivering peerless value to the cannabis industry with a focus on unmatched quality, superior innovation, and five-star customer service.” - Jesse Lopez, CEO, Geocann

Orchid CBD soft gels can be found at the following locations: Evergreen, NACCC, MedMen, Blum OC, One Love Beach Club, San Diego Recreational Cannabis, OC3 Dispensary and 420 Central.