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A globally recognized team of doctors, pharmacists, researchers and natural product industry leaders.

Geocann was launched with a strong understanding that our experience in the natural products marketplace gives us the responsibility and knowledge to pioneer the introduction of phytocannabinoids as botanical extracts with an extraordinary range of health benefits.

The highest potency, quality and purity are guaranteed through the use of superior cultivation, proprietary extraction methods and multi-patented drug delivery system technologies.

Message from CEO & Founder


Geocann’s mission is to deliver safe and effective cannabinoid products that offer an extraordinary range of health benefits by building upon a legacy of pioneering science-backed natural ingredients formulated with innovative delivery system technologies.

Jesse Lopez, CEO & Founder

Case Studies


Onnit is one of the most recognized health and wellness lifestyle brands in the world with distribution across multiple retail and e-commerce channels. Onnit and Geocann share an unrivaled commitment to the turning the best ingredients into optimized products for health conscious consumers.

CannaCraft Satori Chocolates

In February 2020, CannaCraft introduced VESIsorb® formulated chocolate covered strawberries under its Satori line of products. These confections cut down the onset time significantly by using the VESIsorb® technology, which helps the body more effectively absorb phytocannabinoids.


Recently purchased by Nestlé Health Science, Persona is the leader in personalized nutrition by combing therapeutic levels of nutritional support and a unique vitamin program that's delivered directly to health conscious consumers.

Sunderstorm Kanha Nano

Sunderstorm, creators of edible brand Kanha, hold their place as the number one gummy brand in California (according to BDS analytics) with Kanha Nano and Kanha Nano Vegan, both powered by VESIsorb®. Consumers report feeling the effects of this game-changing gummy in around 15 minutes.

NewMarket Health

Geocann produced a custom formulation for NewMarket Health with CBD powered by VESIsorb® in combination with L-Theanine and boswellia serrata extract. This is an industry-first formulation that targets a specific condition for mass market appeal, and is manufactured in cGMP and Farm Bill compliance.

Atrium Innovations

Atrium Innovations, a Nestlé Health Science company, has expanded its product portfolio with patent-protected cannabinoid formulations utilizing the VESIsorb® delivery system. These products are marketed under healthcare professional brands Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Laboratories and Genestra.

UpSide Edibles

UpSide Edibles offers a delicious array of organic fruits and toffee hand-dipped in Beligian chocolate. Their signature fruit bites come in orange, lemon, raspberry, and mango chili. These preservative-free edibles are available at dispensaries in California (THC) as well as grocery stores (CBD).


BioVail Naturals has launched a portfolio of VESIsorb® formulated beverages designed by a prestigious group of doctors for the everyday consumer. Available in fruit punch and lemonade, these 10mg CBD beverages provide favorable palatability with optimized absorption and stability.


TruEase is being introduced to thousands of healthcare professionals in North America. It's loaded with 25mg of Cannabidiol, specifically formulated with the VESIsorb® colloidal delivery system and designed for optimal absorption of the fat-soluble constituents found in phytocannabinoid-rich oil.

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Geocann is a global leader in introducing new product innovations that deliver cannabis solutions consumers are seeking. As the demand for enhanced bioavailability continues to grow, Geocann is supremely positioned to deliver cannabis solutions in a range of patented VESIsorb® formulas and applications. In addition to offering a portfolio of custom formulations for private label, Geocann also offers the highest quality full spectrum hemp oil (CBD), water soluble powder (CBD), distillate (CBD or THC), and isolate (CBD or CBG) - available in either standard or patented VESIsorb® formulations ready to be applied to the widest range of product applications.

Loaded with key bioactives (CBD, THC, BCP), this product is the first cannabinoid standardized dose soft gel formulation in a colloidal droplet drug delivery system.
Edibles offer a delicious introduction to cannabis products, and are currently formulated in an array of applications including gummies, chocolates and lozenges.
Powder Stick Packs
Created with the patented VESIsorb® delivery system technology, stick packs offer convenient and soluble solutions to deliver cannabinoids into drinks for the on-the-go consumer.
Offered with a variation of key compounds and concentrations, sublinguals are available in a variety of flavors in spray pump bottles and tinctures.
Functional beverages (including water, energy drinks and smoothies) are formulated to provide favorable palatability with optimized absorption, stability and bioavailability.
Formulated with key compounds that utilize a patented topical delivery system, lotions are offered in a variety of sizes and applications to support pain relief and beauty.
Geocann offers a range of safe and effective cannabinoid products for pets, livestock, poultry, and specialty species in a number of applications.
Geocann’s development team is ready to work with product formulators on custom applications that meet the growing demand for high absorption, cannabinoid-rich products.
And Much More
Geocann has brought to market several more patented product applications, including chewing gum, coffee, protein powders, creamers, and much more.

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INDUSTRY Testimonials

The VESIsorb® delivery system provides a much-needed platform for entering the U.S. food, drug and mass channel with product differentiation and an unmatched history of safe and effective use. The VESIsorb CBD published results are unmatched in our industry and clearly demonstrate that cannabinoids formulated with VESIsorb perform better in the human body, ensuring that health conscious consumers are receiving the maximum therapeutic benefits.

Neil Closner
Chairman, Opticann

Natural products utilizing VESIsorb® have historically set the benchmark for delivering superior absorption and blood plasma levels that allow the body to use more of the active ingredients. This provides confidence that health conscious consumers will receive the maximum benefits from key cannabinoids and terpenes, like cannabidiol and beta-caryophyllene, found in our products.

Dr. Barry Ritz
CSO, Atrium Innovations

The patented VESIsorb® delivery system provides a safe and effective solution that meets the consumer demand for fast-acting cannabis products. Since launching Kanha Nano with VESIsorb®, our revenue has increased over 300%, we have rolled out the industry’s first fast-acting vegan gummy, and we have secured a strategic national expansion that will take these same formulations into key states, starting with Colorado.

Cameron Clarke
CEO, Sunderstorm

TruGen3 is proud to partner with Geocann to deliver science-backed CBD products with measured and proven stability data ensuring the consumer receives the same levels of active ingredients throughout the promised shelf life. When complemented with strict quality control guidelines, independent lab analyses, and a multi-patented delivery system, these are products that doctors feel confident recommending and consumers trust.

Douglas Lioon
CEO, TruGen3

Geocann has the most advanced, clinically proven cannabis products available. When VESIsorb® is applied to fat-soluble nutrients, like CBD or THC, it makes it much easier for the body to absorb. By incorporating this water-soluble delivery system into cannabis products, my patients need fewer servings to achieve the desired therapeutic benefits that support the body’s natural responses to stress, anxiety, memory, appetite and pain signaling.

Dr. Anthony Petraglia
Neurosurgeon, Rochester Regional Health Hospital

After a thorough due diligence process to offer the best hemp products to our loyal customer base, we are extremely proud to expand our portfolio with another VESIsorb® formulation that provides unmatched supporting science, superior therapeutic performance and proven stability data that our healthcare professionals expect.

Dr. Andrew Halpner
VP, Science and Technical Services, Nestle Health Science

One of the main reasons for our CBD study is that doctors are struggling on a daily basis with patient's pain and are very reticent to prescribe opioids. Endo-C wanted a high quality CBD solution to ensure the best results for our study. The vehicle had to be consistent in dosage, quality and bioavailability. After an extensive search looking for a partner, we found the team at Geocann.

Dr. Steven Warren
Lead Study Investigator, Endo-C

With the rise in popularity of phytocannabinoid rich products, we have reached an important milestone in the sports and fitness industry by introducing the first CBD-infused protein Geocann’s innovation and technology platform is second-to-none as I’m quite familiar with the superiority of natural products formulated with VESIsorb®. The difference these products can make in a patient’s recovery is simply unmatched.

Dr. Anthony Petraglia
Neurosurgeon, Rochester Regional Health Hospital

When VESIsorb® is applied to UpSide Edibles' portfolio of cannabis-infused natural fruits and chocolates, it makes it much easier for the body to aborb the key phytocannabinoids. Our customers have raved about the VESIsorb® product line, stating a quicker onset and an increased quality of overall psychoactivity. This technology has set a new benchmark for the cannabis industry.

Gay Gelman
Co-Founder, UpSide Edibles



Geocann has strategically leveraged a global partner technology exchange resulting in an unmatched intellectual property portfolio that broadens our applications while optimizing the performance of cannabinoids and terpenes in the body.

Geocann's network of research and technology partners is bolstered by our longstanding relationship with Vesifact AG (Zürich, Switzerland), recognized as a global pioneer in drug delivery system solutions. The leadership teams at Geocann and Vesifact have been working together since 2005 and have successfully commercialized more than 50 VESIsorb® formulations in all six major continents.

Watch the following video to learn more about Vesifact.

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