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Geocann and Pathway Health form a strategic partnership to supply VESIsorb® formulated medical cannabis products to leading retail pharmacy brands throughout Canada

Geocann and Pathway Health form a strategic partnership to supply VESIsorb® formulated medical cannabis products to leading retail pharmacy brands throughout Canada

Posted on
January 27, 2021

The partnership will allow Pathway Health to have exclusive distribution of a robust portfolio of proprietary formulations that are co-branded through its retail pharmacy partners and powered by the science-backed and multi-patented VESIsorb® drug delivery system for optimal bioavailability and maximum therapeutic benefits.

Geocann is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Pathway Health Corp. (“PHC”) that will bring VESIsorb® formulated products to the forefront of the rapidly evolving medical cannabis programs of leading Canadian pharmacies. PHC, formerly The Clinic Network Canada Inc., owns and operates the largest chronic pain telehealth network in Canada, and has recently expanded its business model by finalizing agreements with some of the largest national retail pharmacy companies. Key elements of these agreements include a full-service collaboration, from pharmacist education programs to patient fulfillment of science-backed medical cannabis products.

“We are delighted to reach an agreement with PHC that will provide access to our VESIsorb® formulated medical cannabis portfolio for millions of Canadians,” Jesse Lopez, CEO and founder of Geocann said. “Through its new business initiatives, PHC quickly became the leading referral site for pain products and services for thousands of pharmacies. PHC’s expertise to reach the end-consumer through its strategic pharmacy partnerships will integrate seamlessly with the significant investments that Geocann has made in product safety, purity, and performance.”

“Geocann’s portfolio of medical cannabis products has set the benchmark for what pharmacists are demanding and health conscious consumers expect,” Michael Steele, CEO of PHC said. “The unmatched supporting scientific evidence of VESIsorb® products has provided the needed platform to develop, co-brand, and distribute specialized cannabis products to our national footprint of leading pharmacies and pain clinics.”

Geocann has been well-recognized for its substantial investments in research in order to meet the evolving demands of the global marketplace and offer significant product differentiation to leading lifestyle and medical brands around the world. In addition to recent pharmacokinetic studies (Molecules 2019, 24(16), 2967) and the stability data for its products, further investments in new clinical research focused on both pharmacokinetic performance and clinical endpoints are well under way. Additionally, multiple toxicology studies have been completed and will be published this year as part of the company’s FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) Notification and Novel Food application.

Geocann and PHC also have a keen focus on education initiatives that will reach approximately 42,000 licensed pharmacists working in more than 10,000 pharmacies. These include traditional Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) accredited bi-lingual programs, on-boarding tools such as the Medical Cannabis Management Program for Pharmacists, and PHC’s proprietary Clinical Decision Tool for its pharmacy partners to utilize an expansive range of data analytics and a product recommendation algorithm.

“Preparing pharmacy professionals to play an active role in the medical cannabis market is a paramount priority for PHC,” Steele said. “Health conscious consumers depend on their pharmacies to provide clinically researched and proven products in addition to well-educated recommendations and guidance for the products they offer. Our partnership with Geocann gives us an unrivaled ability to offer these elements.”

Geocann has the exclusive global rights to the patented VESIsorb® drug delivery technology for cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoid formulations. The technology has been successfully applied to a wide range of medical cannabis product applications, including soft gel and hard shell capsules, functional foods (e.g. gummies) and beverages, powder systems, tinctures, sublingual sprays, and topically applied formulations.