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Orchid Essentials Launches Cannabidiol (CBD) Formulation Utilizing Patented Drug Delivery Technology

Orchid Essentials Launches Cannabidiol (CBD) Formulation Utilizing Patented Drug Delivery Technology

Posted on
April 2, 2018

Orchid Trading Co., LLC (“Orchid Essentials”), a leader in the legal cannabis industry, has partnered with Geocann to launch a soft gel formulation loaded with 25mg Cannabidiol (CBD) that utilizes the multi-patented VESIsorb® delivery system to ensure optimum absorption and bioavailability. The finished product is available in dispensaries throughout California, including MedMen, with strategic expansion planned throughout the US.

“Orchid Essentials is pleased to announce our partnership with Geocann to bring a superior user experience to the consumer marketplace. This development symbolizes a significant move to strengthen our pipeline of products as we introduce our first of many formulations that utilize VESIsorb®,” Corey Mangold, Co-CEO of Orchid Essentials said.

Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated the absorption and bioavailability benefits of VESIsorb®, a science-backed drug delivery technology with a robust portfolio of US and international patents. VESIsorb® has now been successfully adapted to optimize the performance of cannabis formulations in the body. Since 2007, close to 200 million consumers in all six major continents have safely and effectively used a natural product formulated with VESIsorb®.

Accordingly to Mangold, utilizing VESIsorb® ensures that health conscious consumers receive the maximum benefits from key phytocannabinoids like CBD. Optimum bioavailability addresses issues that counteract poor absorption like age, diet, and stress levels.

Not only are the key phytocannabinoids better absorbed in Orchid Essentials CBD Soft Gels, but they also maintain their desired levels throughout the product’s shelf life.  The importance of stability is often underestimated, especially in an emerging category like CBD. Recent reports have shown that many CBD products fall short of their labeled claims, and in fact, the FDA found that 11 out of the 13 products they tested failed. To address this, Orchid Essentials offers the first CBD soft gel with measured and proven stability data ensuring the consumer receives the same levels of active ingredients from the first day of production to the last day of the promised shelf life. 

“The increased awareness, acceptance and utilization of science-backed formulations is emerging in the cannabis industry, and Orchid Essential’s proven track record of exceptional distribution and marketing expertise will make superior products more accessible to health conscious consumers.” Jesse Lopez, CEO and founder of Geocann said. “Establishing a presence in a new market is not an easy task, but Orchid Essentials has had great success developing a loyal consumer following by delivering peerless value to the cannabis industry with a focus on unmatched quality, superior innovation, and five-star customer service.”