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Geocann Is First-to-Market Introducing Cannabigerol (CBG) Formulations Utilizing the VESIsorb® Drug Delivery System

Geocann Is First-to-Market Introducing Cannabigerol (CBG) Formulations Utilizing the VESIsorb® Drug Delivery System

Posted on
August 23, 2019

CBG is among the many emerging cannabinoids and terpenes that Geocann is committed to pioneering through its technical formulation expertise and global distribution infrastructure.

Geocann is proud to announce that the company has successfully commercialized the first cannabigerol (CBG) soft gel products that utilize the multi-patented VESIsorb® delivery system for optimal absorption and measured bioavailability. The initial step is utilizing proprietary extraction technology to isolate and concentrate the CBG that allows Geocann to use its technical formulation expertise to address the active ingredient’s performance as it relates to dissolution, absorption, and bioavailability.

The first of two formulations is a combination of CBG and cannabidiol (CBD) while the second is a mono-CBG formulation. Both products include strategic inclusions of beta-caryophyllene(BCP) which has been shown to have synergistic effects as agonists for the CB2,5-HT1A and glycine receptors.

“These product launches further advance Geocann’s leadership position as product development specialists that provide science-backed solutions to the industry’s formulation challenges,” said Marc Weder, Chief Scientific Officer. “The marketplace is demanding advancements beyond just CBD products and we are supremely positioned to deliver these solutions with more than three decades of research and product development expertise.”

Weder states that while the interest is high to include CBG (and other emerging cannabinoids and terpenes) in new formulations, the poor solubility and dissolution must be addressed to provide superior product solutions with the optimized absorption, bioavailability, and maximum therapeutic benefits consumers are seeking.

“Geocann has accomplished these results and has successfully transferred a rigorous product development protocol to the large-scale commercial production of soft gel capsules, topicals, foods, beverages, and sublinguals that combine these active ingredients with the VESIsorb® technology,” said Weder.  

Geocann has worldwide exclusivity for cannabinoids formulated with VESIsorb®,and the company is quickly partnering with strategic brand leaders in key channels of distribution to deliver its robust portfolio of patent-protected products.

“The combination of CBD, CBG, and BCP powered by VESIsorb® in an elegant soft gel capsule is an important industry milestone,”said Jesse Lopez, CEO and founder. “Geocann will continue to pioneer the advancement of new cannabinoids, like CBG, CBN, and THCV, as it’s a privilege to offer these first-to-market opportunities to our brand partners.”