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Jessica Rawley

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Jessica Rawley

Jessica Rawley has extensive experience growing successful companies into global leadership positions. After an early career in fund development, Ms. Rawley received her MBA in Social Enterprise where she co-founded a renewable energy company and became the program manager for Colorado State University's Center for Social Enterprise. She also serves as a Capital Analyst for Rockies Venture Club and the Board Chair and Treasurer for Northern Colorado's Renewable Energy Society.

Ms. Rawley offers more than 11 years of experience in start-ups, social enterprise, small business and non-profits. She has expertise in business planning and operations, financial planning, developing services and programs, systems implementation, human resources, accounting and marketing. After an early career with Habitat for Humanity and Small Business Development in the Peace Corps, she pursued her master's degree and became immediately impacted by the power of well-designed financial models for impact-driven companies. Ms. Rawley has a successful track record focused on building and managing capital projects in both the private and public sectors.